Pure Organic Restaurant

Located in Jumeirah, Dubai, our eatery has delicious dishes made with fresh, gluten-free, and organic raw ingredients that cater to kids as well as adults. We exercise extreme importance on the quality of products used, and if you are looking for vegan options, look no more. We have them too!

From your favorite juices and coffees to gourmet style pasta, we have something special to offer for every foodie out there & all about Organic Food.

So, visit our restaurant and get ready to taste the best dishes made from organic products that’ll leave you wanting for more.

Live Cooking Classes at Our Restaurant

At our cooking classes, we will teach you the basic secrets behind our amazing plant-based dishes. You will learn the reason why we use the ingredients we do and their function for our health & wellbeing. We will teach you to think in a different way through colours, taste, texture, and no food waste.